A Family Of Craftsmen Building Homes With A Personal Touch

Meadow Brook Homes is a custom home, residential construction corporation formed in 1987 and is owned and operated by Eric and Susan Trapp. Eric brings 21 years of experience to each home building project while Susan Trapp does everything from helping to find a lot to assisting in interior decoration and design. Erics father, Melvin Trapp, is the expeditor with over 33 years in the construction business as a carpenter. Melvin adds his expertise to each and every home the company builds. The majority of subcontractors Meadow Brook works with have been associated with the company since the beginning. We trust and appreciate the subcontractors we work with. We look for their input into a project. They can be very creative and add things like architectural detail to the overall project efficiency.

These craftsmen continue and expand the Meadow Brook Homes reputation for quality custom homes that fit the client's needs and wants.

The features and details included in the home are set during the planning stages. Some prospective clients arrive at Meadow Brook Homes with lots in hand. Others come with ideas for their home and a desire to build it.

One of the most important features of a Meadow Brook home is energy efficiency. Meadow Brook Homes has been highlighted in the Wisconsin Gas Company's guide to cost-effective, energy-efficient homes and recently received certification as an Energy Star™ Home Builder. While the Trapp's realize that building the ultimate energy-efficient home involves special skills and more expensive materials, they strongly believe that the extra effort and costs involved pay for themselves through a lifetime of energy savings. All homes by Meadow Brook include high performance, energy-saving windows, natural gas systems for heat and hot water, electronic air cleaners, and full weather-stripping. Meadow Brook homes may also include many other amenities, such as whirlpools, fireplaces, large windows, cathedral ceilings, and exposed basements. As active members of the Metropolitan Builders Association, the principals of Meadow Brook Homes are continuously interacting with other leaders in the construction industry.

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Meadow Brook Homes was highlighted in the Wisconsin Gas Company's guide to cost-effective, energy-efficient homes

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